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To honour the clients Avartin Group has 2 main responsibilities: before and after job services.
Avartin expertise give a hand to the clients to get a desired result eventually in both fields of real estate and event organizing.

According to Turkey’s constitution laws, every transmission of title deed should be done under the supervision of certified experts, so that both seller and buyer rights are guaranteed. After the consultation and regarding the limits of budget, Avartin experties organize tours to visit different choices. We accompany the clients to the final decision. Next step is to make sure that the title deed is totally approved based on the rules and regulations including 4 measurements.

  • 1-title deed registry check
  • 2-planning permission control
  • 3-the construction licence check
  • 4-quality control

After transaction and buying home, in order to facilitate administrative procedures, Avartin service Group ensure that all telephone,electric and water bills will be transfered to new owner. Moreover, with the help of internal designers , we help to decorate the newly bought home on a basis of client’s taste and budget. At the same time we do the insurance job on behalf of our clients and those who would like to put their homes in market to rent, we try to help them in no time.

Our service also includes dealing with house sanitation services,regular engineering checks such as the internet, TV, telephone, as well as hot water and air conditioning. On top of all that, we give services to rent a car, book boat tours, get airline tickets, buses and so on.