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Turkey has recently become one of the most amazing tourist destinations in the world. The number of flights to Turkey’s airports such as Antalya’s or Istanbuls’ airports is an evidence of Turkey’s popularity amongst different nationalities. This number has already surprisingly increased in the newly built lstanbul airport and there is a bright horizon in Turkey’s tourism industry.
Below, we will analyze some other reasons why so many people travel to Turkey.
The cost of living is much more reasonable compared with European or Eastern part of Asia. People pay 3 times less property tax and this has consequently ended to annual growth in income by 6-10 percent.
Another reason is that Turkey has passed a law to facilitate foreigners to get a mortgage to buy first or second home.
There are various building projects compatible with low or high budgets in Turkey where the price of projects is not as high as the ones in other Mediterranean countries.
The last but not least reason is that getting visa to enter Turkey is accessible. Visitors to Turkey who purchase a property can easily obtain a living permit for one or two years that is very interesting to people who wish to immigrate to this country.

With unique characteristics, Alanya has always been a wonderful destination to a great number of tourists. More than 34/000 European citizens, specially Scandinavians, Russains, Germans, Belgians and Polish have bought properties, villas and apartments as second homes.
Alanya benefits all tourist attractions of a coastal region and it is not only a reasonable place, but also is easily accessible to all tourists around the around world.
Wonderful natural sceneries and blue flag beaches, along with various shopping malls and first class restaurants, as well as fantastic Mediterranean climate are characteristics of Alanya where people experience the hospitality of local people.
Beautiful beaches with clear water, surrounded by Taurus Mountains are known as blue flag where the water is extremely clean and marine creatures are rarely seen, so they are appropriate for swimming.
Many sport activities taking place in Alanya such as bicycle tournaments and hiking tours have turned this town to one of the most inviting regions.
Beside coastal valleyball and football matches, there are other sport facilities like tennis, football, basketball, fishing, rafting and parasailing . Moreover, people can enjoy jet ski and water skiing in amateur and professional way.
Amongst other attractions in Alanya we may find various boat tours from the main horbour. They can be private or public and some of them organize parties. During the tours there are stops where visitors can enjoy swimming in the sea. There are also delicious sea food menu on the boat tours to make unforgettable memories of the trip.