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Wedding Ceremony And Splendid Events With Avartin Group In Alanya Turkey

To create a long lasting experience, you need just one moment. Give us this chance to guide you. Your wedding and events are parts of your eternal life story.

Everything With Love In Alanya

We are enthusiastic to plan wedding and events in Alanya. Avartin Group is proud to see your smiles and offer you to enjoy the best experience . In Alanya you may find the most fascinating wedding places in the world.

Based on Avartin Group, every event has its own characteristics and every bridal ceremony is unique upon the newly married demands. Consequently , all people in wedding party may sense that the bride is the most special one . We provide you all the best in your wedding so that you can trust us and leave everything in our hands.

If you choose Alanya for your wedding place , you deserve to have the best to be happy.

We Listen, Interpret, And Create

Our motto is to listen, interpret and create and our designer team is motivated by this motto. We do our best to fulfill your needs and make you happy.

With the aid of our reliable team , consisting of a hair stylist, a professional makeup artist, photographers, florists, as well as an international chef all your dreams come true. All services will be done in accordance with your taste in beautiful Banana Beach Hotel ... so your wedding in Alanya becomes unforgettable.

Avartin Group is the architect and designer of your dreams, the creator of ever lasting memories and the narrator of your love story. Just give us a chance to do majic and wonder the guests.

Your wedding ceremony in Alanya will be like an empty canvas that is sketched and painted...and with a poem of your dreams will be decorated. We can compose a complete poem of light and color and scenes accompanied by a dreamy atmesphere .

These unique moments which are the rythms of two hearts can be driven through endless time.


Dream Wedding In Alanya

Alanya is one of the rare attractive Mediterranean coats with clean warm water in all Turkey. You may enjoy Alanya surrounded by Taurus Mountains creating a very romantic region. Some parts of the coastal areas are known as “blue flag” that is not only purely clean, but also marine malignant creatures are scarecely found , so absolutely appropriate to swimmers. Since many years ago Alanya has been one of the most wonderful places to visitors and an attractive tourist destinations for Europeans who wish to spend holiday in a lovely oriental Mediterranean region. This is no wonder that more than 34/000 Europeans have bought properties such as villas or apartments as second home here. Nowadays, Alanya has turned to a multi-national region where you can see many different nationalities mostly from Scandinavians , Russia , Germany, Belgium, Poland , or even from Australia’s adventurers.

It seems that Alanya has got all tourist attractions and all the year long is accessible to tourists. Selecting Alanya as your wedding or important event destination, you may live a unique experience. Here you can enjoy life full of joy that is very famous among European tourists.

Avartin wedding planners provide you an unforgettable stay in Mediterranean coasts to discover the region. With staying here you will benefit all the best, along with delicate originality full of beauty and peace.

Ask Avartin Group To Plan Your Wedding In Turkey

With a professional and experienced team, Mr Soheil Lashkari helps you to select the most appropriate wedding place, chefs, musicians,etc. Avartin Group can help you organize your wedding every where in Turkey and some other countries.

We are able to host all the invited guests and try to receive them from arriving to departure and we give them special individual services.

Our group is really enthusiastic to hold luxury weddings and events in Turkey. Avartin Group is here to see your satisfied smile on your face. We are happy to make some parts of your best moments in life to celebrate in one of the most wonderful places. Every event is individually designed. Some brides dream of specially unique place ,so Avartin Group can turn this dream into reality. Our goal is that the bride shines like a star in her wedding night. Trust us and have no worries. If you have chosen Alanya as your wedding destination , we will do our best to make you feel great.

Hold Your Wedding In Alanya
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